Why You Are Addicted To Technology


Why You Are Addicted To Technology

In today’s techno world nearly everyone is addicted in some measure to the Internet either the younger generation or older one. It becomes our day to day necessity as it includes either spending time on Social Media, playing online games, watching movies online, etc. Many of us, struggle to stay focused on tasks that require more concentration than posting a status update on social media website. There is something unique about this technology: It is both extensive and impressive. But who’s at fault for this? To find answer, it’s important to understand first what we are dealing with:

The tech
Online social services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc are known as masters of manipulation – making services so good that people can’t stop using them. Because these services depend on advertising revenue, the frequently you use, the more money they make. Not surprised these companies employ teams of people committed to their services to be as involving as possible. They have the power to keep us hooked.

While companies like Facebook pays more attention to generating revenue from advertisers, other technologies have no such agenda. For example in e-mail case – No one company “owns” email, and the faceless protocol couldn’t care. Yet to many, email is the most interaction medium of all. We check email at every hour of the day, whenever we can like before meetings, waiting in line, standing at red lights, on the toilet. But why? Because the boss wants.

Just think about a particular scene. People gathered around a table, enjoying food and each other’s company. There is a scenario of laughter. Then suddenly, that conversation becomes lull and, someone takes out their phone to check. Barely anyone notices and no one says anything to that guy. The reality is taking out a phone at the wrong time is worse because it doesn’t look good and give a sense of ignorance. Once the person looks at their phone, other people feel ignored. The more people are on their mobiles, the fewer people are talking to each other.

An individual uses technology as an escape. If anyone got stuck then he/she surely uses technology. For example, when we faced difficult work, like thinking through an article idea or editing the same for many times – we could easily escape discomfort, by answering emails or browsing the web. Finally, we had to admit that our habits had less to do with new-modern technology and more to do with old-fashioned hesitation.

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