Which Is Better SEO Or SEM


Which Is Better SEO Or SEM

Marketers often look SEO and SEM (or PPC) against one another, claiming which one is better or more valuable. However, selecting both can work to your benefit. Companies that own both a paid can experience 10 times higher click through rates and more conversions. SEO and SEM have been some of the lowest cost-per-lead channels for companies and clients. If you need more clarification on the features and benefits then this article is useful for you as today we will discuss the comparison between the two:

Traffic Ability
The main USP of SEO is that you can rank well in the organic search results for an unlimited time. 15-20% of Google searches on daily basis have never been searched before. With around 3.5 billion Google searches every day, keyword research, proper website optimization and important content creation can position your website to a huge number of search queries.

You won’t be able to receive good amount of traffic from paid search unless

  1. a) Sanction more budgets.
  2. b) Further optimize your campaigns.

SEM depends on the competitiveness of your keywords, account structure, the quality of your ads and landing pages or the position of your ad in order to serve on the SERPs.

Keyword Opportunities
Again, your chances for ranking well for a particular search query are possibly unlimited. The only factors limiting your ability to rank for long-tail searches are the overall quality of your site and your content. Instead of optimizing for a restricted set of keywords, focus on a subject matter and create high-quality or useful content.

With SEM, you can choose to advertise for any keywords you want, but again limited by budget. It’s good to select some well-targeted topics and keywords and within the AdWords Search Network, there are 4 keyword match types that allow you to be selective in your targeting strategy based on the search query.

You will not get success without the commitment of SEO and require the keyword analysis, website optimization, good quality content and effect full link building. You will need a dedicated internal resource or outsource marketing department to focus on all sides of SEO, continually monitor rankings and traffic.

SEM campaigns require a dedicated budget. A successful SEM campaign requires a decent amount of investment of time and money. Give your marketing agency or internal department some minimum time in order to optimize your account and get it running smoothly. Depending on the size of your account, the maintenance costs of an SEM campaign can be lower as compare to SEO on a monthly basis. Expect to pay between 10%-30% monthly ad spend to an agency.

Many online marketers focus on organic rankings in order to measure the success of an SEO. Though the superior organic rankings will increase your traffic, you should be more focused on the total site traffic that comes from organic search. If you have high rankings but organic traffic is falling, it means you are not focusing on the right keyword set. As long as you create valuable and high-quality content, the rankings and traffic will increase.

The goals of an SEM campaign differ slightly as compare to SEO depending on the network that you are targeting. For the Search Network, the goal is similar to your SEO goal. You require matching the intent of the searcher, serving interesting ad and drive visitors to targeted landing pages. You can also bring website traffic and conversions via Display Network, your display ads are going to help to increase brand awareness. Strategic remarketing campaigns can also re-engage your visitors who have been to your website earlier.

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