What Is Google Penalty?

What Is Google Penalty

There are a lot of things that make SEO and content marketing unlike any other form of marketing, but biggest of all is that SEO is completely depending on outside parties to succeed. With more than 2/3 of all global search traffic going through, Google is more than a mere partner in advertising sector. Moreover, Google sees them as serving the public interests, rather than those of private marketers. Google’s today position is largely based on there being millions of people who voluntarily use their services daily, even when alternatives like Microsoft Bing are still present. Today we will discuss broadly what Google wants in search results so that it will be organic. Quite obviously, they want the best websites to naturally rise to the top of search pages, based on both quality of content and the number of users to those pages. One of the essential requirements of successful SEO is avoiding Google Penalties. This blog will discuss what those penalties are and how to avoid them.


Google is willing to hand out a virtual “penalty” to websites which notoriously abuse the system or engage in truly unethical behavior such as distributing malware. A website has to be going over the supreme in order to get de-listed completely, to the extent that someone in the action will be aware that they are playing dangerous games. Google is also willing to censor extremely violent or racist content, but this is also rare.

Temporary Rank Change

Beyond automated rank changes, Google also has an entire team who are empowered to manually de-rank webpages which they believe are cheating. The basic difference here is that often – Google will directly notify the website of the problem and suggest ways of reversing the rank demotion. If your website is already a full part of the Google network, with a profile and listing or AdWords integration, the chances are on higher side that you will receive this notification.

Demotion of Rank

The most standard Google Penalty is rank demotion: A website goes suddenly from being highly-ranked to lower rank, usually one that’s below the first page of results. This can have the most possible causes as well, mainly due to running incorrectly of algorithms. Rank demotions can happen accidentally, but will still require direct action to fix.


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