What Are Meta Descriptions?


                                         What Are Meta Descriptions?

Everyone may be thinking that what Meta Description is all about but there are chances that you may know. In fact, you have mostly seen or heard about it quite frequently in today’s time. When you search something in Google and you see a concise description under the lists of results, in simple words that’s called Meta Descriptions. It is the tiny block of statistics found under the link. Moreover, Meta Descriptions may be defined as “HTML imputes that provide brief clarifications of the contents posted on the web.” Though, we can just stack with that information block after all it is easier to understand.

These Meta descriptions are salient because they play a crucial role in assisting the user searching and making the decision of clicking the link easier for him. Naturally, we want those clicks so that they play a remarkable role in generating the online traffic. A good Meta description always makes readers to click through to your website. Now we will discuss why a Meta Description is necessary:

When someone searches anything on Google, there is always a competition out there. The visitor has the alternative of clicking any link which she/he wants to click. Having a good or relevant, Meta Description is important.

When a user performs an advanced search, Google drags content from the Meta in order to match what’s being searched at that time.

People on Social media are frequently sharing content and when a single kind of content is posted, Meta description is exhibited. Without it, the social media podium will haul text randomly from the website.

Some of the key components on how to write good Meta Description:

  1. A good Meta Description forwards to the finder an advantage of clicking through. It gives a tiny preview of the content.
  2. Don’t exaggerate the maximum number of keywords, as Google will observe this as spam. Utilization of only 1 or 2 keywords is enough for best results.
  3. A good Meta description has minimum 155 characters which is pleasing to eye if you don’t want to get cut off your Meta in Google search.
  4. Always use plain texts and don’t incorporate mathematical symbols, numbers, etc. Google may consider these symbols as a HTML code and can cut off the Meta Description.


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