Website Re-Designing Tips & Not Affecting SEO Ranking


Website Re-Designing Tips & Not Affecting SEO Ranking

Most websites are designed by creative designers. In the early days of the Internet, when websites were mainly digital brochures, that was fine. Today, websites are marketing tools and content publishing platforms. The problem is that the web design industry still creates sites as if they were digital brochures. The best way to build a website is to reverse it around your ideal clients and content consumption. In simple words you re-design your website first and do SEO later. Surely, you need to have a professional design. The key is, to manage the balance between what your potential customers want in terms of design and what Google needs in order to rank your website. Today we will discuss some crucial tips on how to re-design your website and also not loses valuable Google ranking.

It will help you to determine content and pages, thus, will impact site navigation, content and page count. Keyword research is not as tough as it sounds. Yet, almost no one considers keyword research when drafting site content. The great thing about this tool is that you are not only able to find the words that searched most, but also how much commercial competition there for each and every word. With this data, you can develop a list of words to include in your new website.

Once you do the content research, get it to the “write” people – as in the content it’s important to understand the goal of weaving your keyword targets while delivering your own messaging. It’s not that you want to write for Google or the search engines – it’s just that you do want to forget about the search engines when you are writing about your website.

SEO Coding
It is the best practices that should be addressed by designers and developers in the early stage. After your keyword research is done, you will require paying a close attention to SEO coding and making sure that the re-design is optimized from the first line of website code. This is extremely important and should be addressed properly.

Website Layout
The Website Layout and page elements, such as content placement are important for SEO and for conversion of optimization. We have discussed about the right words, writing the right sort of copy and using the best code, but at the same time you also need to consider how much content is to include and where it should be positioned. For example, the content at the top of your page has more search engine weight than placed at the bottom.

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