Top 5 WordPress Plugins!

Top 5 WordPress Plugins!

Have you installed WordPress  and the basics of improving WordPress for SEO and the customer experience, now the time has come to go a bit deeper? Many good plugins are available in order to help your WordPress website when it comes to SEO usability. Here are top 5 great wordpress plugins – most of them are available for free.


Download this plugin now and utilize it on every WordPress website you own. This plugin is an important as the WordPress installation itself. It’s also immensely easy to use.

Simple URLs

This plugin is good to download. You can track outbound links and control them completely within the WordPress backend. If you add Disallow: /go/ into your robots.txt file it will also cease any authority from passing via link itself. You can use this plugin in order to track outbound links. For example, if you have affiliate links on your website, you can also calculate a conversion rate from knowing the number of clicks to the number of people.

RB Internal Links

Although this plugin hasn’t been updated since 2 years, it should be included in every WordPress installation process. This plugin helps with internal linking. RB Internal Links is good because it uses the post ID to link internally. This means that if you want to do any changes in the URL of a page or post, then the URL will be updated productively.

W3 Total Cache

While we are on the subject of performance, W3 Total Cache is the most strong and comprehensive caching plugin. This plugin manages everything for both CSS and JS to HTML line-break and comment removal, disk caching, browser caching, etc. It’s useful to test any settings in order to ensure that there are no problems once enabled.

Google Libraries

This is also a very simple plugin that replaces JavaScript libraries called locally on your own server with Google’s own CDN. This saves on bandwidth, keeps utilizing squeezed versions of the scripts and increases the chance of cached files and therefore increases the general performance of your website.


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