Tips to Unlock ‘Not Provided’ Keywords

Tips to Unlock ‘Not Provided’ Keywords

Google Analytics is a great resource for any website holder. From small websites to government organizations, Google Analytics act as a goldmine of useful information about visitor behavior. Before we get into this, it’s useful to verify just how many of your organic search keywords are listed and whether this is increasing or not. You will require assessing whether it’s worth to investing into decoding these results or not, since none of these techniques provides a foolproof solution. Following are the tips:

Understand User Behaviour

The first reason to get around the ‘not provided’ result is to mine Google Analytics for other information that will reveal more about those visitors and what they were doing on your site.

Utilize Traffic Source Data

Within Google Analytics, there is a second solution that can help you to decode your popular keywords. The Search Engine Optimization report is designed mainly for this purpose. Data in this report is 2 days out of date, and it’s fair that the metrics here are limited. If you are handling a busy website, Traffic Sources simply won’t give you the detail you require in order to properly analyze your queries.

AdWords Data

As mentioned earlier also in this article, ‘not provided’ is only an issue for organic search queries. Paid search isn’t that much affective. That means you can avoid the problems occurred by ‘not provided’ results by paying for Adwords and measuring the response rates through PPC. These are exhibits in Google Analytics as Matched Search Queries.

Webmaster Tools

Google’s Webmaster Tools dashboard is however as comprehensive as Google Analytics, but in this situation, the metrics gathers some add value. A good way that Google Webmaster Tools does give you: It will show you the click-through-rate of your keywords from Google Search. Sometimes a little polishing up on your title tags and meta-descriptions can increase the click-through-rate of these keywords.


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