Tips To Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Tips To Reduce Your Bounce Rate

When it comes to our webpages, we are always prideful. We want to show our content to the world and benefited from what we have created. Regrettably, if consumers don’t see what they are looking for within moments, you can find them to venture off in just a fraction of seconds. This is what called bounce rate. When searching for a product or service, we often see thousands of options for what we are looking for. Many a times, the first website may not include that eye-catching message. In that case, we leave it right away without checking out any other page on the website. Today we will discuss how to reduce your Bounce Rate and increase your business value!

Landing Pages

The best solution to do this is to put yourself in the container of your costumer. You are not going to search for, “How to combine ingredients that result in tasty pizza.” More importantly, you will simply search “How to cook pizza.” While this example is basic, keeping this thing in mind, always use relevant keywords when creating your landing pages so that it will allow for more traffic to your website, but also visitors who are actually looking for that specific thing.

Meta Descriptions

Search engines always look at Meta Descriptions as the most important thing of explanation for what’s on your landing page. These are the little pieces of information that exhibit under your link in the search results and making sure that this section is filled out in right manner and with the proper keywords in order to serve your content as an answer to search queries.


When you don’t have much time for information, the last option for you is a huge display popping up, asking you to submit an email or subscribe to a newsletter.

Don’t wait for Visitors Waiting

While keeping “with the times” is becoming increasingly important, here we mean about the time it takes for your page to load. If navigating to your page takes longer time then over 50% of users will become impatient and leave your website without having a glimpse of your homepage.

Cohesive Theme

While maintaining a visually appealing website is crucial, so this is the useful way in which you portray your visuals. If you aren’t creating a sense of flow from one concept to the next, your users may get confused. Without a sense of direction on your website, context and images may seem scrabble. Keep in mind that your webpage must be compatible with all forms of portable technology like smart phones, tablets, etc.

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