Tips To Create Best PPC Campaigns


                                      Tips To Create Best PPC Campaigns

As we all know PPC (Pay Per Click) is crucial for success of online business and a required component for a successful digital marketing campaign. PPC advertising through Bing Ads, Google Adwords, etc is a best way to attract your potential customers and promote your services and products. Today we will discuss some key components of PPC campaign and type of its results that make it valuable. Let’s check:

Begin with Personas

This one is really crucial but often ignored by many organizations to start a PPC campaign. You need to know who you are trying to attract to. Either your campaign is handled by in-house resource or by third party (agent), without clear directions about your proposed audiences your campaign will not survive.

Selection of keyword

This one is important, should be obvious, but a number of businesses don’t think about what exact keywords are really their strength. Keywords provide hints the way customer think, questions in their mind, their comparisons, etc. Think about keywords as an opening into the mindset of your possible customer.

Improving your Ad Copy

Your ad copy must obtain the logical click. Note that this doesn’t mean “to get the click”. If your ad doesn’t obtain a click from a relevant source, they just go back leaving your website in about 5-10 seconds and you have to pay handsome money for that valueless visit. Don’t try to approach everyone – just target useful and relevant audience.

Select a Relevant Destination

Obliviously this means a suitable landing page. Regrettably, this is a second thought for various brands. What next? Do those visitors to (whom you paid money to obtain your website) generally do everything once they land on your existing page? Convert into a lead? If not able to do so, at least progress further into your sales target as making click on your paid ads?

Objectives & Goals

No project in this universe should initiate without these two. It’s just like driving a car without any destination in your mind. It can be also a fun because you see some of the interesting things along the way but there is no real goal to gain.


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