Is Your Website Has User Friendly Design?


It is important to make your website user friendly design, because this is what will make your visitors keep coming back at a regular intervals. At some point, we have al experience that a website does not work, or a site that takes a lot of time to find the thing that we are looking for, and truly, no one likes that. Since visitors are the basic part of your business, attracting them is very much important for the growth of your business. Today we will discuss the important tools on your website user friendly:

Instinctive Design

Your website needs to be pleasing and functional in all aspects, which are the two main things of an instinctive design. Users want to view a site like it is one fluid movement; they don’t want to waste their time in trying to figure out how your website performs. When designing, you need to have your audience in mind, because 80 percent of your revenue is generated by your users only. Avoid making it complex and difficult to understand.


Many users want that your website to load in less than 2 seconds, so you need to have minimal load time otherwise visitor will abandon your page. Users want a fast experience, so avoid large amounts of videos, flash and heavy photos. Compress your images and minimize the loading time. The transition between the pages on your site should be a smooth, and if you improve the performance of your site, you can achieve higher conversion rates.

Attention to Smartphone users

Many searches are carried out on smartphone devices, so if your website is not mobile-friendly, this can be a major trouble for your business, because many users always prefer the easiest way to get information which is often done through a mobile phone. Creating a mobile-friendly website does not mean that your site can be viewed on mobile devices. It needs to be specifically designed according to smaller screens, which will allow easy navigation.

Navigation Tools

If your users cannot find the information they were looking for, then having a creative website has no point. You require having clear and well structured navigation. Have a search bar, so that users can easily type in what they require. Place it properly, because if you move it to another location, this will make the users disappointed while surfing your page and he/she will proceed further. Try to minimize the number of clicks the user requires before they get to what they were searching for.

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