Is SEO Just A Start For Digital Marketing?

Is SEO Just A Start For Digital Marketing?

All the hard work done by you – the SEO and analytics, the content planning and development – you must be leaning back, more specifically, a potential customer engagement always drive traffic. Which is why focusing solely on SEO and traffic metrics? Traffic isn’t the end goal. It is, quite literally, the secret of your sales tunnel. Just as important is what happens once you have attracted all that traffic. What really matters is your efficiency at moving prospects from the top of the tunnel, through the sales process, to the end of the conversion.

So let’s talk about how your website can turn the attention of your SEO earning into your clients. We will begin with some basics and, may go deeper into subjects. SEO doesn’t work like generalities. It works because someone has searched for something quite specifically and it has to be front of the potential customers otherwise they will head elsewhere immediately. For example, if they have found you, the page they land will be all about that mousetrap: how it’s better, why it’s better. This page is not your opportunity to promote your pest control services or to tell them to know the difference between carpenter, ants and termites but belongs on other pages. This page has to deliver what you have promised to them.

Of course, some will take the valuable information you have offered and you will never hear from them again. Others will find what you have committed so well aligned with their needs. That next step might be calling you or signing up for your email newsletter, but it all starts with a landing page and the promise you have made. Despite the reality that a significant portion of your traffic will be done and we want to do all the transaction from being all gives. Your goal isn’t to publish valuable information for free. Your goal is to gain trust and build a relationship by publishing valuable information.

Our final piece of advice for this is to online lead conversion is somehow comfortable. If your website doesn’t look professional, that’s going to be a problem against you. If your website isn’t easy to handle, that’s going to be another problem against you. Beyond simply looking professional, you also need some trust. That’s where social media comes in: having a good amount of positive comments, reviews, likes, etc. is a signal that people look for in order to raise you and your company online.



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