Tips To Create Website With Extreme SEO

Tips To Create Website With Extreme SEO

While it’s possible to effectively develop an existing website, it’s generally depending on necessary SEO components into the website design and architecture that is placed during website development. Whether you are hiring a designer, using a pre-built template or building your website from scratch, it’s crucial to understand the basics of how to build an SEO-friendly website. Today we will discuss most important factors that you should consider while building a website that is feasible for both the visitors and search engine traffic.

Proper URL

When deciding what type of URL structure you are going to use, it’s important to make sure that your URLs clearly indicate the topic according to your content. This means it should be static and descriptive and should equip relevant keywords for both the search engines as well as visitors. When utilizing multi-word URLs, the industry standard uses dashes rather than underscores. Avoid using ID numbers or other irrelevant terms or characters in your URLs.

Simple Navigation

It is advisable that your navigation structure should be simple, efficient and easy to navigate for Google and your visitors in order to follow. Typically, websites will place their chief navigation menu across the top of the page or vertically down on the left side bottom of the page; while some website owners are convinced to put their menu somewhere else, many usability studies have shown that these positions work great.

Responsive Design

In order to ensure that your visitors can properly access your website no matter of what type of device they are using – smartphone, PC or tablet – having a responsive website design should be a preference. A dedicated android smartphone website work well, but a responsive design helps you to avoid awkward issues like Duplicate Content and building or maintain two separate websites.

Social Media Integration

We know that there are evidences that Google not using signals from Facebook and Twitter currently as a part of their ranking algorithm. However, the indirect benefits of social media for your site have been proven again and again: social media sharing motivate your content around the web, shown-up it in front of many people, gaining more attentions and more links and thereby increasing your search engine rankings as well.

Accurately Optimized Images

When you are designing your website, please ensure that your images contains the minimal size required to still provide a good user experience (somewhere around 20-100kb). A good standard practice is to resize your images to the size you want, rather than shrinking them as this can significantly increase your page load times. This is crucial because slower page load speed has been linked to poor user experience and even contains worse organic search rankings.



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