How To Create Mobile Friendly Websites?

How To Create Mobile Friendly Websites?

How To Create Mobile Friendly Websites?

Usage of Mobile Internet has increased or more than doubled in the past few years. Approx. 45% of time spent online is now done via smartphone device, increasing demand of mobile webpage. This is actual reason why mobile browsing is becoming crucial day by day. A mobile friendly website today is not simply a passing vogue and predicted much before that in future there will be a necessity for mobile sites mainly for businesses. Till today, there are millions of WAP smartphone users browsing internet daily. But the disparity comes while using mobile sites when they can’t load properly on mobile devices. Today we will discuss some tips on how to create Mobile Friendly Websites?

  • The first step towards making mobile website is to understanding who will be reviewing your site. Mobile website users generally busy in doing something else like walking through town, spending time out with friends, etc. Their main focus is to get some quick information which is easy to access but not your website. The main difference between desktop and mobile users is that desktop users are stationery and predictable but mobile users are browse net “on-the-go” situations.

  • Mobile visitors want to see mobile version of your website with proper themes, colors and content which looks similar to the main website so that they can believe that they are on the right website. For this, you have to design your pages according to mobiles, tablets or desktops. Alignment of content according to mobile website and proper mobile page design.

  • Mouse and keyboard are not used by mobile web users instead they use it for mobile web navigation. Make a mobile website which is quick on fingertips. Just a one touch and everything should be on screen, the mobile website should be like this.

  • Always keep downloading time in mind as downloading times are important for mobile web users and they want information quickly. They generally don’t have enough time to wait and watch so avoid those large background images that only increases your website download times.

  • A number of mobile browsers don’t support plugins so remove these in order to increase user engagement so that mobile website works properly. Navigation and search boxes should be prominently placed and easy to find all over the place on website. Always try to avoid unnecessary graphics and focus on main points of mobile website.

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