5 Woman Health Issues On International Women’s Day

5 Woman Health Issues On International Women’s Day

Today’s Women, as we know is off course independent, capable and liberated, claiming more power and freedom in her potential again and again. It’s time to celebrate women and their achievements even though gender equality remains to be a global issue. It is also equally important to understand the problems that women face today and health issues is one of them. Today this article will focus some of the health issues related to women and how to tackle them:


Cancer affects women more than any other form of diseases; with two of the most common ones are breast and cervical cancers. According to study each year around half a million women suffers from cervical cancer and remaining from breast cancer.

Mental Stress

Studies also suggest that women are more susceptible as compare to men in order to experience depression and anxiety, due to biological differences. Depression is the most common problem for any women; suicide is a leading cause of this that mainly done aged between (20 to 59) years worldwide.

Cardiovascular Disease

Worldwide, heart disease is one of the leading causes of death. According to the NHS, women are 3 times more likely to face heart disease than breast cancer. Scientists revealed that heart attacks in women may have different indications with some risk factors.

Maternal Health

According to the latest statistics of WHO, almost 300, 000 women suffer from complications in pregnancy and childbirth. Such figure can be prevented if the women had access to family planning and basic services.


According to the statistics of WHO, HIV/AIDS is the main cause of death for women aged between 15 to 44-years-old. It said that too many young women are still struggling from this disease in order to protect them against sexual transmission of HIV and to get the right treatment.

So, these were the major health issues that should be taken care in order to protect women from such serious health problems and empowerment them to develop an independent image as a public representative and an attempt to build own impression in the region.



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