5 Ways To Promote Your App


There are several business owners and entrepreneurs who invested lots of money in building their apps and ultimately all gone in vain unfortunately. It’s not because their idea was not original, but rather the wrong expectation of getting quicker rewards after uploading their apps on App Stores. For small businesses, it’s always a tough call when it comes to carrying the cost of marketing and promotion. Today we will discuss top 5 important ways to promote your App in this web world.

Remain in Touch

The marketing of a product ideally begins before its birth. Do not rely on your development of company during the struggling phase; identify genuine, trustable influencers & entrepreneurs who have interests in your app. Afterwards, you have to put your skills to the test and cast a healthy business relationship. Once they got influenced, let them know about your app’s current status and value. There may be chances that they very well act as the brand ambassador of your app.

Customer is the Key

Customers are the backbone of any business and it is the main reason why many businesses enjoy continued success. According to study, 5% increase in customer holding can increase a company’s profitability upto 75%. Holding your customers by letting them to know about your idea behind developing that app and ask them what they would really like to see in it.

Influence your Website

If you have a mobile website that gets a good amount of traffic, it’s time to use your app’s advantage now. These people are ideal customers for a ‘selected group’ who will be happy to use your app. Be careful while working on the architecture of the App and think how you can make it easy for them.

Official Blog on App

Write a complete story about your app and let your audience know the main concept behind it. Tell them how this app can be beneficial and make things easy for them. Include your app screenshots, genuine links and videos in order to help to understand more precisely.


Emails still have their charm as they are used under the right circumstances. According to a study 91% of people check their email regularly. Capitalize by including your app links into newsletters, customer emails and also make it a habit to use it in email signatures.


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