5 Tips To Remain Safe On Social Media

5 Tips To Remain Safe On Social Media

Scammers generally love social media because it’s the perfect game for them to set their traps. We all become victim in order to complicity on social media and fail to protect ourselves in today’s techno world. In order to prevent yourself from becoming a victim to one of these attacks, today we bring you a list of things that you can do in order to protect yourself.

Always use a secure password

Passwords that are easy to hack are a security risk. Not only your social media profile but it is applicable on all your online accounts. Passwords like ‘1234’are some of the most generally used, and therefore insecure. Passwords should be unique and should be updated on regular basis.

Delete old profile

Delete old workplaces from your profiles. Many websites ask you to enter the name of your high school or current job as a security question. Removing this information from social media and don’t give any chance to scammers.

Safeguard your privacy

Make your accounts to private. This will prevent you so that unknown people who are not your friend can’t view too much information of your account. If using Facebook from your smart phone, turn off location settings. This may prevent you from checking in at different locations, but it will also keep people from knowing exactly where you are.

Be cautious what you post

Avoid posting personal information such as your address and contact number. This info is bumper prize for scammers, and can be utilized as the building blocks for identity theft. Be cautious when posting anything like your current location, etc. Thieves can use location data to determine when you are out of town, making your home or belongings at risk.

Be cautious Who To Add

Do not add strangers on Facebook. While it can increase your friend count on one hand but adding unknown person is risky. These accounts could be scammers attempting to gather your information about you. If you don’t know the person in real-life, delete the request immediately. If you find that you are receiving a request from stranger again and again please don’t accept that request because scammers will often look to your profile in order to collect all important information about you.

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