5 SEO Tips For Quality Local Search Results

5 SEO Tips For Quality Local Search Results

Everyone desires their business to rank 1 on Google search, but getting and maintaining high online visibility is a lot tough job and more complex than the simple acronym SEO makes it soothing. Add multiple locations into the blend – and your difficulties are amalgamated. Last year Google itself made over 500 changes to how they rank and index a business site on their search engine. Therefore it is highly feasible that some site changes you have made a couple years ago are now outdated, while new standards and practices for local SEO may be absent from your site as well as your off-page assets like social media and business listings. So, there is opportunity and if you are not happy with your local search engine results, try these 5 crucial SEO tips for quality Local Search results.


The single element of driving sufficient traffic to most websites is not the visual part of the website – it’s the game of wording that it actually understands. Search engines do not observe the visible parts of your site – they only observe the words. So, it directly makes sense to focus as much as attention towards the words rather than visual part of the website.

Mapping & META

Does your site have a page for each category listed on your spreadsheet? As you don’t require hundreds of pages for your website – but your pages should aimed towards the primary aspects of your business. Your keywords should be the starting point. As a best practice, your site should not have less than 6 pages and not more than 6 pages as it needs to be. Looking at your keyword list, make sure that the primary keyword for a page is used as close to the front of the opening sentence as possible and consider showing your keyword in bold. Same applies for the administrative elements of the site called the META – the part which people cannot see, but search engines can. Make sure each site page has unique META elements and position of your major keyword as close to the front of your wordings.


A relatively new tool for local marketing has to do with using a simple html code called SCHEMA also termed as structured data or microformat – in order to better identify and categorize some of the most important information on your site to search engines, such as your location and contact info. This code is worldwide accepted by Google, Bing and Yahoo – some of the renowned Search Engines making it a must-have for every local business.


Completely not used enough, the area at the bottom of your website (footer) holds enormous usability and SEO value. First off all – if you have a lot of html code in the header of your site – validation codes are most. Doing so will reduce the amount of html coding that search engines have to read as they load your page faster.

Link Building

You have most likely heard this term of the business review website called “Yelp” and also heard that both Google and Bing offer directory listings for businesses, but did you know how these can actually give your business a significant boost in local visibility? These directory and search engine listings add credibility to your existing business by verifying the consistency of your NAP (name, address and phone) and your keyword focus. Additional information like your hours of operation and the types of payment you accept can also be noted and verified through these business listings.


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