5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Rocks

5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Rocks

It should not come as a surprise that there is a huge proponent of digital marketing across the globe. Not only digital marketing outsourcing and agency services, but we have also built our own business using the same marketing tactics. This blog is focused on outlining why we feel like that.

Less expensive

Digital marketing can range in terms of “free” (sweat isn’t, right?) to pay-per-performance to paid placement. The word free is very confusing, with respect to this topic. You are either spending the time to build it up or paying someone else to do it for you. Even if you look at the paid digital media, it is still far less expensive. Whereas you would have to pay millions of dollars to place a PPC ad on the SERPs or a display ad on a third party site.

Most Measurable

We have data to measure almost everything you can do online today. Email marketing, SEO, Pay-per-click, digital media buys, sponsorships, etc. If you understand the buyer’s journey and building sales funnels, those models alone provide you with a great way to measure success. Not only does that indicate whether you are spending your hard earned money in the right place, but also tells you where you need to improve in terms of the experience or CTA.

More Reach

In the early days, you would have to pay for ads based on traffic, listeners or total views and impressions. Take Facebook ads for example. You don’t pay price for impressions, but for clicks. That’s one medium where we get good clicks. Why? Because more impressions means more reach. Until they are clicked, the reach grows bigger and bigger. The same apply for others like search engine optimization and social media. Both of these areas can get you in front of new clients without paying much more.

Good Medium of Marketing

The key mantra of successful marketing is to enter the conversation with customers and know where they want you to engage with them. This could be anywhere like Ads, content, social media, etc. Some customers want a more traditional media experience. But most of us are universally connected these days. Smart phones are all over and Internet use is at an all-time, you can even find internet access at libraries and other public facilities for your support.

Inbound Marketing

Wrapping up all of these reasons, we land out at inbound marketing itself. Inbound is mainly all of the things you do to set yourself up for success with customers approaching to you. No push marketing involved. While it may take additional time and effort to nurture inbound leads but it is well worth to invest for the long run.


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