5 Hidden Things About Google Analytics


5 Hidden Things About Google Analytics

People say knowledge is power and it is fact. We all have witnessed that in situation like our lack of knowledge simply places limitations in order to understand about what a particular thing is capable of. This is the point where complexity starts pooling in and believe it or not the solution may be right in front of us yet. In today’s technology-dominated world, the tech giant like Google has offered us with a number of productive tools in order to get a clear view of the picture. Tool like Google Analytics is used in infinity in order to determine traffic rate, as it helps to pinpoint the progressions in a more appropriate manner. As helpful, many people never discover what Google analytics is capable of. Today we will discuss dome of the hidden truths about Google Analytics:

In-Page Analytics
Getting stuck-up in miscalculations relevant to website insights is extremely common. You may have many pages, which are tackled effectively but have a hard time in getting high traffic rate through the relevant links. If that is what important for you, then use of In-page analytics can help you to find a quick solution. What In-page analytics does, it represents percentages of above links that signify the clicks for a particular link that has been receiving on that specific page. You can always make use of In-page analytics in order to spot the odd man out that does not get usually noticed.

Stay With Intelligence Events Alerts
After getting familiar with your website function, things start flowing in a more suitable manner. However, sometimes, you get to witness unusual traffic behavior when some spend time on your blog post or updated content posted. Would you love to know the main reason that helped xyz post to get huge attention? Well, putting Intelligence Events Alerts to practice can help you at an unexpected outcome. Using this feature can help you to receive automatic emails of unanticipated events.

Use Of A Behaviour Flow
Behavior flow can be simply put as the universal eye that monitors the complete behavior of your website. The best thing about the Behavior flow is that it presents information in the manner of flow chart. So taking a good look at this flow chart can help you understand how things are working within your website. In the initial phase, understanding the Behavior flow can be complicated. However, once you understand it, you will be amazed to know the amount of information is available. The Behavior flow is designed in a manner, wherein it represents the data to the pages that most people visit, where do they navigate. With such information, it becomes easy for you to know the website and the pages that keep visitors engaged on regular intervals.

Website Speed
The present generation is basically concern about speed. You lack speed and you shall be left far behind. The same formula applies with websites. If your website is not responsive and quick, people will simply open a new tab and move to the next website. To get an idea about the speed of your site, find the site speed option under the behavior tab and voila! It offers accurate insights on the fastest as well as the slowest loading pages backed up with data time taken for loading.

Spot Your Flaws
Many people usually fail to maintain a SEO-friendly website, because they are too focused on spotting other positive factors. People always try to recognize their strengths and start working on them, ignoring all their flaws. They mainly focus on the pages that perform well and ignore the pages that are performing poor. To spot such pages, you need to click on the Exit pages available under the Behavior tab, where people usually close your site and jump to another. Understanding the working of your flaws can help you to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

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