Why We Need Virus Protection ?

Antivirus are programs that will protect your PC’s against most dangerous viruses, Trojans and horses. An antivirus will secure your computer from various viruses that can attack your PC’s while you do surfing of web pages and doing other things on your computer. Whenever antivirus software is introduced something seems to be chime up and explain that they don’t need an antivirus because they are always careful. The idea of downloading antivirus software is only necessary for irresponsible and fake windows.

Most of the people think that they only can get malware by downloading suspicious and corrupt files, running unaware software, searching wrong website and doing all other illegal things. This is not the only way that malware can spread. In simple words your PC could be affected while you visit other simple websites and even if you only visit website you trust, the site itself could be compromised – something that happens on a alarming rate.

An antivirus is the final layer of protection for your computer. If a site uses a secure flaw in your browser it will often attempt to install malware – Trojans, rootkits and all the other bad things. These days the intensity of malware is an organized crime looking to gather financial information and powerful harness to your computer. In broader terms an antivirus is a last layer of defense in order to protect your computer. It is the only layer of protection, but also the important one. Moreover there is not such a valid reason to run an antivirus on your Windows.

Some people believe that by downloading antivirus software is heavy and it will slow down your computer speed. However this was certainly true in the past but now a days it’s a myth. Older version of Norton and McAfee antivirus software was infamous for slowing down your computer more than actual viruses. They warned us with full notifications and alertness to keep paying for a subscription and buy other more expensive security alerts, just to secure your computer. In today’s time computers have been become more fast that the antivirus software doesn’t able to weigh down the speed like earlier it is used to. There are some more efficient security suites that are modified to stay lighter on resources. An antivirus program surely will not slow down your computer speed, not harass to buy something and does not include any annoying update process in your machine. If it does so than you can use exclusions to exempt certain trusted files from the antivirus scans.

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