Why We Need Norton Antivirus ?

Norton Antivirus is mainly developed to rule out viruses in your PC’s as well smartphones. Norton is developed and delivered by Symantec Corporation. It mainly provides malware prevention and removal of threatening viruses from your devices. It mainly uses signatures and heuristics to identify dangerous viruses. Some of the other feature of Norton Antivirus includes e-mail spam automatic filtering and protection. Norton Antivirus was released on March 1990, allowing users to easily get secure and eliminate various viruses including many of them was not exists at that period of time when the program was released. It is designed for all the operating Microsoft Windows. In early 90’s computers were invaded by hundreds of viruses which was become a serious problem at that particular period of time. At that time, Norton Antivirus has implemented in order to protect computers from foreign viruses.

How It Works
Norton basically works in two ways in terms of scanning your PC, they are manually and automatically. If you set your PC on automatic scanning program it will configure all your files and documents automatically and produce the accurate results. You can also put your scanning to a particular date or time. In other way when you manually scan the items in your PC, you are able to scan any files or media that are seeking to access. You can also choose to scan any web downloads that you are aiming to access online. When you do an excess of web surfing, it is suggested that you put your software to automatic scan mode in order to protect your PC from attacking of certain viruses. It has various versions for all Microsoft Windows.

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Norton always works in the background because it will scan any incoming e-mail attachments when you login into your PC. One of the best feature of Norton is that it can be put to automatically scan which will protect your PC from any virus attacks that you might get while surfing the internet. You can also put the program of scanning on automatic mode to perform a full scan of your PC daily or weekly or you may also set a particular date. This will automatically removes viruses that any program detects in a fraction of time. The scanning program is also equipped with a live update feature that automatically updates your PC with the latest version. It is essential to update your software in order to combat with latest viruses.


The Spyware basically work into the computer without asking you or taking your permission, it does so in order to protect your PC from any viruses. It automatically runs in background of your PC screen, collects information or and monitors various activities. For example, it will monitor your Web Browsing patterns without asking your permission and will capture the attack of viruses. However more refined forms of spyware have been familiar to capture and identify thieves from your websites.


Adware is considerably different from spyware because it is implemented to display ad content on your PC. If you often use pop-ups adware programs will automatically flash ads and links of other websites. Many of these ads contain tout legitimate ingredients, the adware will monitors your browsing activities and then provide accurate information in order to deliver more focused advertising content.

You can take control on your PC by deciding what your machine want in order to secure your PC. You better know what gets in, what stays out and what remains in your computer.


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