What We Meant By International SEO

International SEO is the process of positioning up your website so that search engines can simply recognize which countries you want to reach and what languages you apply for your business. The conclusion of choosing one approach over another is huge. Executing successful multi-country /or multi-lingual SEO involves building a number of technical/content and resource related decisions. They are the kind of decisions that is not always easy to change down the track, so it is highly advisable that the right decisions are made at the outset of your project. When it comes to selecting the appropriate approach to your International SEO project there are several factors factors to take into consideration –

    1. In case when are start-up or establish business/website/brand.
    2. The power of your current web presence overall and within target audience locations.
    3. Your convenient resources (time, money and human).
    4. In case you are focusing a particular geographic location or a specific language; regardless of where that audience is located geographically i.e. are you selecting different languages in different countries, the same language in different countries or different languages in the same country.
    5. In case you have a physical appearance and staff in your target location
    6. Your future plans for development.

 When you are searching at your site traffic and you realize that a fair share of your visitors are either coming from other countries or speak other languages, it can be the right time to think about international. It directly means that it’s a time to make your website content relevant for users in your target areas and languages including using the accurate currencies and time zones. Don’t forget that US and the UK speak the same language; we use different currencies; predict customer support at radically different times of day. Overseas shipping can be costly, so by customizing your website to one group or the other, you are neglecting unpleasant surprises for you and your capable customers. If you are pointing multiple areas and languages, you have to offer separate content that is accurate for each of those regions or language groups. Depending on the availability of resources, this may mean that setting up separate websites or subdirectories so that visitors can easily find the most meaningful content.

Best Services of SEO
In order to help visitors and search engines know which country and language group you want to do business, keep these tips in mind –


Localize Content
Make sure that you are giving information which is suited to your target audiences. By using the local language, currency, and time zone together with contact information like addresses and phone numbers, you are dispatching strong signals to users and search engines. Also think about culture when you are developing your design and content. Different regions look at things like color, layout, and humor in their own style.


Always Speak their Language
Make sure that everything from your site navigation or your content or your help desk is in the primary language of the region that you are choosing. Don’t use machine translations or don’t allow automatically redirecting a user to a different language based on location. It’s okay to guide an alternate language site.

Alternative SEO Signals
Other similar ways to show search engines that your site is local to a specific country include:

  • Hosting your website on a local IP
  • Connecting to local content
  • Building or making links from local resources
  • Bridging gap with local search engines like Yandex in Russia and Baidu in China


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