Value and Importance of Social Media

Value and Importance of Social Media


In today’s time it is not enough to have a website for your business – online interaction and communication is also required to promote your business. ‘Social Media’ is a powerful way for people to communicate and interact online to each other. In the last 10 years, it is noticeable that there is an increase in number and popularity of social media websites. The term social media is used because it involves users to get engage socially, including conversations, commentary and other important interactions with each other. Some of the important features of Social Media are –

  • Social Media increased opportunity to syndicate your content and increase your clarity which is valuable. The social media networks are new and improved channels for your brand’s invoice and content. This is dominant because it makes your work more easier and accessible to new customers, and makes you more familiar with existing customers.

  • Brands who constantly engaged on social media channels will enjoy greater loyalty from their customers. A specific and strategic social media plan may improve influential in morphing consumers towards being brand loyal.

  • Each and every post you make on social media platform is a chance for customers to convert. When you build a circle, at the same time you will access to new customers, current customers and some old customers, it will help you to interact with all of them. Every blog posting, video or comment you post gives chance for someone to react and every feedback could lead to a website visit which could result in positive conversion. Importantly every interaction with your brand may not result in conversion, but a positive interaction increases the chances of an eventual conversion.

  • Social Media marketing results in greater conversion rates in a few summarized ways. The most remarkable is its humanization element; the truth that brands become more humanized is by interacting on social media channels. Social Media is a spot where all brands can act like people do and this is equally important because people love to do business with other people, not with companies.

  • To get the most use of social media, make the positive relationships to end your goal. That might sound something wired or different for anyone who is grounded in more traditional business measurement and metrics. The relationships built with customers are considered to be the foundations upon which other aspects of your business can be accomplished.


Moreover studies have shown that the use of Social Media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. In order to increase the credibility of your brand, higher number of social media followers tends to visit your website. It is simple as much as, building your audience in social media can boost conversion rates on your current existing traffic.

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