Top 5 Digital Payment Portals

In the recent years, technology has modified in many ways to integrate our daily lives of the consumer. As time moves ahead, more and more online transactions and communications takes place in our day to day life. Today in this techno world in every 30 secs almost 1.2 million dollars is spent online. Everything is converting into digital world and made people habitual of it. A payment gateway is an e-commerce application service provider which authorizes credit card payments. The expansion and excavation of such type of services is increased in today’s world because digital currency has replaces physical monies completely. Now a day’s modern society wants to move on digital world because it has become more important for a business to keep pace and growth through an online payment. Some of the top most payment portals for business are –

PayPal is one of the most popular and widely used payment gateways. It is massively recognized method of online payment, although not new in this field. It is also the largest player in the market with 153 million accounts across more than 200 countries. In the past years, PayPal alone received roughly $203 billion in payments out of which $67 billion have earned from eBay only. The PayPal in today’s time is on a very massive growth because eBay sets it free to be an independent company. PayPal has also seen that time when the growth was stunted for years because due to association with parent company eBay which was often viewed as a competitor. PayPal now is free to expand its services to companies such as Alibaba,, etc.


Optimal Payments
It is a trusted online payment gateway that currently utilized all places across the world like US, Canada and UK. This efficient gateway is used by consumers and organizations for secured online payments over 200 countries, allowing billions of transaction and all transactions are successfully managed by a company every single year. Last month, the company has announced its acquisition rival like the Skill Group which is one of the Europe’s powerful electronic payments processing company. Due to this acquisition, Optimal Payments continue to expand its service into new markets and areas.


Since its launch, Bitcoin has a controversial ride because conception and currency ends the previous year at just 39% of the perceived value that it began with. However it is not as much as bad when put it into real context. It is true that the value of Bitcoin conversation to US dollars has slashed by 67% in the last year, but the value of digital coin is up overall by 1,879% when compared to previous years. More importantly Bitcoin has seen substantial growth in several sectors.


Apple Pay
When Apple Pay launched in October 2014, it has a swarm of companies which were willing to pledge their allegiance with Apple. Banks or retailers and other companies are directly using this gateway on a daily basis. The payment portal for Apple provides iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Apple Watch users which increases the ability to pay quickly and digitally.


Facebook Messenger Payment
With the boom on social media platforms, Facebook has also added a payment feature to its customer on Facebook Messenger Application. The benefit of this is that now users on the communication app can link debit or credit card directly to the service in order to utilize it to send money to each other as quickly as message is sent. Payment through Facebook Messenger has implemented a level of comfortness and convenience that will evolve social platforms into lifestyle platforms.


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