Top 4 Stunning Heatmap & Tracking Tools

Heatmaps and click tracking tools are essential for any website owner or online marketer. It’s tough to get enough traffic to your website in the first place, so the more you can know about your audience or users once they are there, the better you are.

Helpful benefits of Heatmap and click tracking services

  • Develop Heatmap tracking on your website to display what crucial areas of your page user are clicking on.

  • Investigates the content of your website to watch where users are clicking or not and why they are clicking on those particular areas more than other users.

  • Explores how to superiorly optimize landing pages, various shopping carts, pilot generation forms and the full navigation of your website.

  • Tracks mouse movements and record whole video sessions of visitors movement while they do surfing at your website.

List of awesome heatmap and click tracking solutions for your website


  1. MouseFlow – MouseFlow enables you to record website visitors and watch website heatmaps reflecting where they clicked or scrolled and even pay more attention. Mouseflow special features include live mouse tracking, click and move of heatmaps, scroll of heatmaps and in-page investigation. Mouseflow is currently having over 40,000+ customers, including famous brands like Business Insider, The Weather Channel, NBC, GreenPeace and many others. Their heatmap and click tracking services are also served to fit the requirements of both individual website owners as well as those who are looking to offer such services through a well known agency.

  2. HotJar – Having more than 50,000 users, Hotjar is rapidly becoming the heatmap and click tracking solution preference by many users. Their platform was made to integrate the services offered via enthio, clicktale, crazyegg and survey monkey under one solution with affordable price tag. With Hotjar, website owners can easily observe how visitors are really surfing your site, it will also collect the valuable feedback from the user on how to better develop your website and tips to turn your site traffic into an actual customer. Hotjar key features include heatmaps, feedback polls, surveys, form analytics and many others to understand your website visitors accurately.

  3. LuckyOrange – Examine how visitors are actually using your website. Fortunately, LuckyOrange recently offers visitor to browse records, live chatting, heatmaps and more for their valuable customers. Lucky Orange is also used on over 20,000+ web sites around the world and has data and click tracking useful packages.

  4. CrazyEgg – CrazyEgg is one of the biggest heatmap and click tracking services online. When you connect to their website, you will are factually affixing to your Google Analytics A/C to begin with the implementation process. Once the setup is done, you can begin with digging into the data of your website and featuring out the fact that why some of your traffic transforms into a new business or subscribers, and the actual reason why some don’t. CrazyEgg features include some heatmap abilities like click tracking, scroll reach and many other useful tools to guide you for better traffic and how to enlarge ROI.

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