Top 3 Alarming SEO Strategies


Top 3 Alarming SEO Strategies

With search engine optimization (SEO), our previous actions can regrettably hinder any future effort in order to improve Google rankings.  Even work that was implemented years ago could be clasping your site back. Imagine it like a politician that made some poor decisions previously and is now struggling to regain trust of his followers.  The similar thing can happen with your site and if you ignore it, then you will likely never regain Google’s trust in order to rank your site higher in search results. In this article we will walk through 3 most alarming SEO strategies that will haunt your SEO.

Keyword Stuffing Webpages
In earlier times of SEO, the webpage that introduced a definite keyword more commonly than other webpages would keep to rank higher in the search results.  That guide to the practice of “keyword stuffing” is basically to force keywords abnormally into your webpage copy. Although the keyword stuffing utilized to work for SEO, still it was not a great experience for the end user.  Nobody naturally writes by reiterate the same phrases throughout entire article and that can disappoint visitors that are searching for higher quality information. As a result, Google updated their algorithm and keyword stuffing. You still require ensuring whether your webpage is relevant for your target keywords or not, but it’s crucial to write naturally for your prospect.

Multiple Webpages for Similar Keywords
The next alarming strategy is something we often see when we audit websites.  Again, this strategy is the result of Google’s algorithm – how it is used for work, but times have changed now and if you are still performing this, then you are damaging your chances of ranking high in Google. As you can see that, people search for the same thing using many different keywords.  For instance, if we search for “infant car seat” you might search for “newborn car seat.”  You and we know that we are looking for the same thing.  But for a computer program, it’s not that simple. That’s why previously it was a good idea to generate separate pages for all the different keyword you could find. Google’s algorithm has now improved and can recognize synonyms and similar phrases so this strategy does not harm.

Unnatural Backlinks
The 3rd and final scary alarming strategy is unnatural backlinks.  This strategy got a lot of observation when Google released the not so famous Penguin update back somewhere around in the year 2012. Many businesses already lost their Google rankings after this update, now first of all understand – What is an unnatural link?  Any Backlink which is directing to your site that Google regulates was not naturally created.  For instance, if you or someone you hired generated links on websites that were built for the individual purpose of linking to other sites, then you have unnatural backlinks directing towards your website.

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