Tips to Build Your Own Human Workplace

When there is a question of trust in a workplace, the work becomes easier. People aren’t getting stressed. They aren’t fringed in by countless policies and yardsticks. They laugh and tell jokes or they do high-five to each other because they aren’t competing for recognition. Every win is a team win. Number of times we hear from hundreds of people every week who say “My workplace is stuck in the old-school mold. We have so much policies and not enough sensible conversation. No one wants to tell the honesty, because nobody wants to get in trouble. “There are so many things you can do to make your workplace more happening, whether you work in the CEO’s office or any other loading dock. The first important and basic step in making a workplace adventurous is to enlarge your own muscles and recognize your own voice.

Every time you board on an airplane, a flight attendant guides you “In case of a loss of air pressure, an oxygen mask will drop from the ceiling compartment automatically. Modify your own oxygen mask first and then help others around.” Many Human Workplaces work in the similar way. You have to start the revolution by changing yourself. You won’t be able make your workplace more happening by always complaining about it. Moreover you have to open your mind and heart so that you can shift the energy at work, one meaningful conversation at a time that will help you and everyone around you.

In order to bring Human Workplace movement to your workplace, you have to be calm and stay soft in nature. This directly means that compassionate with everyone, including your boss when he/she is in a terrible mood, it is so appealing in those moments to turn your co-worker. Here are 5 ways to being building your own Human Workplace:

  • The first and initial way to start building your muscles is to talk about the energy at work the way you talk about other business topics. In a one-on-one conversation, you can advice your boss on important official issues or you can ask your boss can we discuss that particular issue at our next staff meeting and understand the concerns so they can be addressed.
  • Expend your energy building bridges with the people around you whether you want their work output or not. After all, there is a reason the gods put you and each of these people together in the same workplace.
  • Dare to become the confident person who breaks the wall of silence between your department and others. That’s only how you will build community and your own flame.
  • Once you start to tell a people that you are interested in making your workplace a Happening Workplace, also invite other people to join you. You can meet at lunch and share your views.
  • When you see or hear something wrong, speak up! Don’t have to take a big risk or put your head on the chopping block by asking anything from someone. Please don’t put yourself in silence when you are frustrated. Say something

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