SEO Strategy Involve Yahoo and Bing ?

Whenever you sound the term “search engine,” I am sure that the first company you think will be Google. However, it makes sense if you think in that way. With nearly 6 billion searches every day and over 2 trillion searches in 2013 itself, Google is very much in a powerhouse. So when the term “search engine optimization” is introduced, it would make realize that a number of people assume that it simply means gaining one’s site for Google. While SEO is definitely about improving your website’s search results on Google, then what about all of those other websites like Bing and Yahoo? They are also other search engines too. Because of the popularity of Google, many SEO’s find themselves marveling if they should even care with optimizing for Bing or Yahoo.

Saving time with Yahoo and Bing
You might have been hoping that how we can save our precious time in context with “search engine”. Let’s assume that you have used all of your SEO efforts to optimize for Google and Google only. You are on the first or second page of results, right where you deserve to be. Now, let’s assume that something goes wrong – maybe alteration in Google’s algorithm and your website gets knocked off of page one into search engine oblivion. If you have exhausted all of your time in gaining for Google, say goodbye to any and all search engine traffic to your website! You optimize your website mainly for Google, while spending maybe 30% of your time optimizing for Bing and Yahoo. You have done sufficient good work that you are on the first page for all 3 search engines. Now, when Google changes their algorithm and knocks you off of their top search results, there is still a possibility that customers can find you when they search on Bing or Yahoo, which could be a blessed thing if most of your traffic comes from search results.

Statistics about Search Engine Usage
Suggesting the demographics of Yahoo and Bing users are key to develop an SEO strategy for these 2 search engines. When you realize the faces behind the searches on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, you can make an SEO strategy i.e. tailor-made for your business. According to a recent study, political integration and level of education may strike your search engine preferences. If your selected market is located in a specific area of the U.S., it’s equally important to know which search engines are famous where.

Reason to Optimize for Yahoo and Bing
If you work with SEO, you understand that the most important thing to optimize for isn’t Google and it’s not Bing or Yahoo either – the fact is that it’s the visitor. Ranking on the 1st page of any website is great, but if your site visitors aren’t convinced in your website once you have drawn them there, then all of your hard is gone and you literally wasted your time. Once you have made a great user-friendly website, you literally optimize it for Google, Yahoo and Bing so that your capable customers are provided with the great opportunity to discover what you have created for them.

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