SEM & Paid Search Marketing

The SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the process of obtaining website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines.

What is SEM?
It is a type of web marketing associated with the researching, positioning and submitting of a website within search engines to receive maximum visibility and increase your share of paid or organic traffic referrals from search engines. SEM imply things such as search engine optimization (SEO) keyword research, competitive analysis, paid listings and other search engine services. It will increase search traffic to your website. SEO and SEM are not in competition with each other. SEO is considered a subset of SEM services. If you want to do online business you need to be visible in both organic and advertised links, which relates that you need both SEO and SEM.


Some related Synonyms & Acronyms of SEM
Search Engine Marketing was once used as an umbrella term to encompass both SEO and paid search activities. Over a period of time, the industry has adopted the SEM acronym to refer only to paid search.

At Search Engine Land, we mainly use SEM or Paid Search to refer to paid listings, with the longer spam of time of search marketing used to encompass both SEO and SEM. Some of the most common terms used for SEM activities:


  • Paid search advertisements
  • PPC (Pay-per-click)
  • CPC (Cost-per-click)
  • CPM (Cost-per-thousand impressions)

SEM for Beginners
Google AdWords is the most popular paid search platform used by search marketers, track by Bing Ads, which also gives a significant portion of ads on Yahoo. Beyond that there are a number of 2nd tier PPC platforms as well as PPC advertising options on important social networks. In addition to cover general paid search trends, you can get most recent news about SEM and helpful tips to get started with PPC ads. Some of the major marketing platforms are –

  • Google: AdWords
  • Bing Ads
  • Yahoo: Search Ads


What is Paid Search Marketing?
Paid Search Marketing is a less expensive and scalable form of web marketing designed to attach your ads with searches actively seeking what you give. The quickest and smartest paid search marketing campaigns are pay-per-click or PPC campaigns and the basic logic behind them can be simply summarized. For example if you bid for ad placement in search engine’s sponsored links for keywords related to your business, then you pay the search engine a small wage for each click.

Paying for each click may look like you will end up by paying a lot, but in a good-designed campaign, the opposite is true. As your customers will watch your ads only when they are searching for directly the products or services you offer, they are far more likely than a casual browser to be at the time of purchase. With the right research, the paid search ads you place will actually end up earning you far more than it costs to place them.


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