Relationship Between Co-Citation & Co- Occurrence


Relationship Between Co-Citation & Co- Occurrence

Over couple of years Google has investigated with a series of algorithm modifications. These modifications have obviously affected the works of SEO. If we discuss it more specifically, we will notice that keywords, anchor text and backlinks are few terms that consider being very powerful, dominant and effective in SEO world. Although, the continuous modifications in Google’s algorithm and ranking structure, these ballast of these factors has modified drastically over certain period of time. Importantly, if you recollect after the popularity of Google Penguin updates and Google Panda link building was notably revolutionized by the launching of new, more reliable and pure techniques by Google. SEO professionals are now recommending that anchor texts is though shrinking in importance but is now slowly being substitute by co-occurrence and co-citation, as a number of professionals believe in that way.

What is Co-Citation?
The word sounds as strange but, Co-Citation cites to the procedure of link building without the genuine links. Dissimilar anchor text, where genuine links were planted in phrases or words, co-citation does not definitely have to ingress genuine outgoing links to your site or blog. Elaborately, the procedure of co-citation cities to the resemblance discovered between2 webpages; depend on a third-party webpage that strongly states the first two webpages in an association with each other. Depend on that co-citation; Google recognizes a relation – between those two sites, which is then utilized as a crucial search engine-ranking factor.

What is Co-Occurrence?
Though it is fact that these terms are not officially affirmed yet, there is a remarkable quantity of doubt in the accurate definition and explanation about this term. Some SEO experts have recommended that co-citation and co-occurrence basically cities to the similar concept. On the other way, other SEO experts and analyst, who have a kept an eye on every modern SEO development, assures that co-occurrence is quite different than co-citation. As per the second group of intellectuals, co-occurrence does not connect two websites together. Alternatively, co-occurrence cities to the connection of some specific phrases or, important keywords – that come in close presence to each other. This close presence of crucial keywords creates a connection and relation that are comprehensible by Google as a crucial search engine factor. Moreover some citations may not exceptionally upgrade your search engine rankings, but surely put you on the accurate direction in terms of development your website’s search. On being connected to a lot by impartial sources, it has the capability in order to create a positive impact on your site or blog.

Some Evidence to this Theory
First of all it is important to focus on some detailed or thorough confirmation approach, this is to keep and be familiar as a basic ‘theory’. Moreover, there have been some proofs that support this existing theory; moreover many experts are still recommending it. For example Rand Fishkin, the popular SEO expert and analyst, he first started to examine some awkward search engine results that basically provoked him in order to inquire furthermore and arrives with theory of co-occurrence and co-citation. Hence, Google has launched another crucial element to rank a websites in search engines, known as co-occurrence and co-citation. According to him, it is only because of co-citation and co-occurrence that these sites ranked so high on their main keyword.

Why you go for Co-Citation & Co- Occurrence?
According to reports, over a couple of years folks have successfully utilized anchor text to roguishly upgrade their website’s search engine rankings, but Google started punishing those websites. The entire idea in this is that Google to offer its customers with most correct, valuable and useful information and to keep it in that way, it makes continuous up-gradations in its algorithm procedures.

Engine Rankings through Co-Citation & Co-Occurrence
Co-citation and co-occurrence are the products of the same requirement. They can only be progressed naturally if the content of your site is best enough to be shared with others. On a unique note, this is one of the most crucial reasons why Google sets so much focused on social media sharing. We strongly believe that co-citation and co-occurrence is going to appear like an elementary role in prompting search engine rankings. According to this theory of co-citation and co-occurrence, Google is now concentrating on analyzing the connection between two websites on the net.

How to earn Co-Citation & Co-Occurrence?
The entire thought of launching Co-Citation & Co-Occurrence is to create a class content and have original presence on the website and be highly active on net. The idea will keep up-grading day by day, but for now you can take these following ideas into consideration in order to earn more Co-Citation & Co-Occurrence for your blog and website:

  • Create class content that is valued to be declared and shared on the website.
  • Be enthusiastic on the net, in discussion boards or forums.
  • Write more on sizzling, moving topics, so other folks provide citations in order to value your existing content.

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