Reasons Why Internet Is Our Necessity

10 Valid Reasons Why Internet Is Our Necessity


The invention of Internet we know today is not the creation of a single person but is a result of hard-work and dedication of number of people who makes effort in the contribution and development of Internet which we use today. The basic idea of establishing Internet is implemented by Leonard Kleinrock on 31st May 1961. The idea of Internet which we recognize today’s techno world is being enlarged in late 1960’s and in 1962 J.C. Licklinder became 1st Director of IPTO and implements his broad vision for this heavenly network. Moreover, Robert Taylor aided to make the idea of strong network which later known as ARPANET.

In 1968, the (NWG) Network Working Group organized its 1st meeting honored by Chairperson Elmer Shapiro in-cooperation with (SRI) Standard Research Institute with participant of some of highly-qualifies personalities including Jeff Rulifson, Ron Stoughton and Steve Carr. In this important meeting, the group reviewed and discussed some of the relevant issues that are related to obtaining hosts in order to communicate with each other comfortably. Now the day arrived, on 29 October 1969 (Friday) at 10:30pm, the 1st Internet tweet was sent from the computer of Professor Leonard’s laboratory at University of California, Los Angeles. This connection not only accesses the 1st transmission but also believed the first Internet backbone. Now, the essential and useful reasons why we need internet in our hectic life –

Most of the people love to browse internet for gathering useful information. They want to scan various search engines that are available like Yahoo, Google in order to have necessary information. People also fond off browsing informative websites such as Wikipedia which is a complete package of Encyclopedia on net.

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Social Networking
It is considered to be an important medium to communicate with each other whether he/she is your friend or your family member. There is a basket of huge social networking sites like Facebook, whatsapp, Bebo, etc which is heavily used by people in order to connect with friends and colleagues.

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Communication is the strong power of any person and is another useful way to utilize internet. People will come to know about each other through various IM services like Skype, whatsapp, Facebook messenger and Yahoo messenger. There are lots of other options available to users through which they can send messages.

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Transfer of files
Transfer of files from office to school or from college students to businessman is essential in order to keep work going on and can send important files and documents via internet. This is an important part of life and for this people utilize various mail services such as Yahoomail, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, etc to send necessary files.

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Current Buzz
Whether it is any cricket, hockey or football match and any breaking news people tend to do surf net to get a live update. There are enormous websites which provide latest buzz such as Rediff, Gawker, NYTimes, etc providing fast news and quick update to you.

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There is a very cozy relationship between entertainment and internet. People love to watch online videos on websites like YouTube, eager to play online games or desires to download movies that are available on the various websites.

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Online Transaction
One of the wonderful uses of Internet is that it can save our lot of time and money. This facility is popularly known as internet banking facility, through which users can deposit any type of bill, transfer money from one account to another and can make any reservations to plan a holiday while sitting at home.

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Making Money
Few people may know that by using Internet you can also make money. People can make money online by many truthful ways as there are number of options available like Freelancing, software providers, Web-designing, etc to help people to work comfortably.

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Several marketers are using internet to promote and sell their products online. There are number of social media supporters who encouraging other’s product online through several social media websites. There are number of publishers available who help to promote products through advertisements or blogs on the websites.

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Internet Education
Online education is very popular way of study in developed countries or in developing nations. It also save lot of time and is easily available to children who are not able to go school. There are many websites like Khan academy, Free Video Lectures who offer online courses to students. This is considered to be the very useful medium in order to promote education on places where there is not enough facility to provide various courses to children.

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