Importance of Logistics in E-Commerce

Importance of Logistics in E-Commerce


Now days, it is common for many of us to click buy now button on our laptop or PC screens while purchasing products online. It is so easy for us, as costumers, to order certain products and then get the benefit of that purchased product being delivered right at our doorsteps. Barely do we ever review on the hard work and perseverance that is put in behind the ‘camera’ which makes this viable. Just in case the delivery is not up to our expectations, we say, “We will not order anything from this website again. The delivery should be more organized and punctually.” Simply said but not done. It takes a lot of endeavor on the behalf of the online retailers to discover trustworthy logistics partners who can provide a creamy and well-organized delivery of products to their clients.

E-Commerce has seen an extraordinary growth and this drift is likely to boom in the upcoming years with the emergence of mobile commerce. Costumers today are shopping nearly everything online, from handicrafts to furnishings and edibles to electronics. The expanding access to internet and broadband, possibility of Smartphones, relieving of norms for business enterprises, the gentle push of the current government under Narendra Modi for Digital India, current move of SEBI to soothe listing norms, increase capital and make a committed platform for startups to catalogue on stock exchanges in India, are few of the encouraging factors which are heading the growth of a new breed of online businessman in India. Even well-settled retailers are supplementing customary brick-and-mortar store sales with e-Commerce severance. Having uttered this, it is not cherry-pie that logistics will growingly play a salient role in the development of any e-Commerce enterprise.

Logistics has come rambling in India. There was a period when the retailers cast-off directly to source goods from suppliers and producers. Today, there are e-Commerce contentment distribution centers for dispersing the products. Logistics incorporates many aspects like inventory management, billing, warehousing, packaging, shipping, cash on delivery, labeling, payment, product return and exchange, and many more. To smooth the process, the logistics firms requires specialist enterprise mobility softwares which conclude most of the matters like tracking, locations, packaging, management of stock levels and fulfillment. Logistics firms also need to know-how of the business and transport ordinance of the country in which they are furnishing the goods. For aiding logistics services, the online merchants select reputed courier companies or popular third party logistics providers. Some entrenched e-tailers also make their self logistics companies as they can certify speed and accuracy and also save expense at the same time. Whatever procedure they may choose, it has to be a well-organized delivery model.

The salient role of logistics is to offer punctual and efficient delivery of products so that the consumer is satisfied and becomes your reiterate customer, and also merits you more customers. Today, the net shoppers have the muscular tool of social media in their hands. They directly have to post on Facebook or tweet about their shopping experience, and this can make or shatter a company’s image. In present competitive market conditions, retailers have to put outstanding efforts to overshoot customer satisfaction. Some of the biggest e-retailers have executed same-day delivery to impress customers who can’t wait for even next-day delivery. Some retailers also offer free or low cost shipping for many commodities (after a certain price range). An online costumer is looking for pretty good pricing and tension-free delivery of commodities. An extraordinary product delivery experience is crucial in not just unbeaten but retaining customers.  So, it is in the foremost interest of the e-Commerce competitors to necessitate professional logistics services which would result in quicker growth, success and vitality for their company.

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