How To Create A Good Website

How To Create A Good Website

How To Create A Good Website

A well planned website structure ameliorates your chances of ranking effectively in Google’s search results. So, today in this article, we are going to look at how to set up your website’s structure – so that the various search engines find best and most successful content and your website’s visitors have a great experience.

Why website structure is crucial
Your website’s structure and navigation are basically important for 3 reasons (all of them elementary to SEO). Only if a page is indexed by various search engines (such as Google, Bing, etc) can it appear on that result pages. Link power comes from other websites which is linking to yours. And for all but the minimum competitive of keywords, it is the most crucial factor in deciding where a page emerges on (SERPs) search engine results pages. Link power is salient and your pages can’t have enough of it (specially the most valuable pages on your website). Good handling is a must, both for search engines as well as users. So your website’s usability is supreme.

How Keyword research suggests website structure
We know that Keyword Research can guide you what people are interested in your website. And so we will use that knowledge to plan our website. You are likely to target ‘head’ keywords on your main home page, with tail of keywords targeted on your deeper pages. Your selection of keywords will depend on:

  • the actual size of the keyword slit
  • how relevant that slit is to your business
  • and how many resources you have to develop

How link power works
It’s value recapping on how Google ranks Pages. So that we are capable to permit Google to know which pages on our website we consider salient. For the first year of Google’s life, it was known as BackRub. The system receives its name from the term backlinks – the links directing from one website to another. Just like other search engines, Google didn’t just index the text within a page in order to figure out what the page was about. It also glanced at the links directing towards the website. As we know that, pages that rank decent in Google’s search results do so because they get links from other websites. Google worked totally differently as compare to other search engines.

Which are important pages for your Website?
Before you can plan your internal linking, you will require knowing that what most important pages for your website are. And, how do you find your website’s most important pages? If you are selling products you can set up Google Analytics in order to track your sales. You can then find the pages that are creating most revenue. If you are a blogger and making money through advertising, you might desire to promote the pages that brings lots of traffic and clicks on your ads.

Link Your Website To Most Important Pages
Once you have recognized you’re most important – you’re most money-making pages, you will have to be sure that your website structure helps to promote them. For most of the websites the home page is the most powerful page, it’s the page that attracts a number of links. Our site navigation is possibly to pass link power from the home page via the category pages on to the product pages. Still retaining things simple, let’s presume that our website has 36 links from other websites directing to our home page. The home page has basically 3 links to our category pages. What happens is that each link transfers 1/3rd of the link juice from the home page. So, each and every category page consists of 12 units of link juice. And each of those category pages links to 3 product pages. As a result, each of our product pages has 4 units of link juice.

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