Google Maps Bans Public Editing

Google Maps Bans Public Editing After Prankster


Google Maps has put a permanent ban on public edits to its maps after several acts of ruining on the website. Joke edits, adding a park drawn similar to Google’s Android robot peeing on the Apple logo, have been shearing up on the website in recent months. Google had earlier gave permission to members of the public to make necessary improvements to maps, such as attaching roads, bridges and parks, along with a program known as Map Maker. Users of the editing section can broadly self-moderated the content, similar to Wikipedia works. However, an increasing number of duplicate edits have appeared on Maps, like a business called “Edwards Snow Den” detected within the White House.

Google stated that it is sidelining its crowd-sourced map-making tool to executing a path to secure bogus edits, some of which have proven shameful. The Map Maker service is “temporarily unavailable” from Tuesday, according to a circular posted online. In the previous month, California-based internet giant began re-arranging its user-edited online map system after the latest embracing incident. The image is said to be a part of crowd-sourced edit on Google Maps, appeared shortly at Pakistani location before it was demolished.

In a statement to US media, Google has already apologised and admit that it was working towards verification of user edits on its Map Maker. The jokes were done with map-making tools that permit any user to edit online maps. Google allow people modify maps in order to make them more accurate and detailed. The mischief foster Google to suspend an automated edit-acceptance process, now transferring to manual reviews which is time taking and have resulted in a backlog of map modifications, as per Kanakarajan.

According to Kanakarajan “We have been analysing the problem and have made enormous changes which is required,” she said.”However, it is clear that fixing some of this problem is actually going to take longer than normal days.”

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