Entertainment With Chromecast


Cast your favourite entertainment from your smartphone or tablet direct to the Television.

What is Chromecast?
Chromecast is a digital media player developed by Google, celebrates its first birthday on July 2014. The device consists of 2.83 inch HDMI dongle, plays audio-video content on a high-definition display directly by Wi-Fi from the Internet or a local network. It is basically a thumb-sized media streaming device that plugs into HDMI on your TV. You can simply use an Android smartphone, tablet, iPhone, Mac or laptop to cast your favourite entertainment and apps on your big screen overall everything you love, now is available on your TV. The tiny and affordable HDMI stick has already had a big year. While the Chromecast’s popularity has spread far and more widely, those who have yet to be initiated into its world may still have a lot of queries about how dongle functions and what it can do. In this article we cover all that questions.


How it Works
The Chromecast is a 2 inch attractive dongle that looks like similar to USB not much different. The dongle runs on a simplified version of Google’s Chrome OS, and consists of only 256K of memory – which is not that much. However, it doesn’t require to have a ton of memory because it’s not much more than a praised gateway. It gets plugged into your HD TV’s HDMI port, connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network and acts as portal for the content on your mobile devices to be direct onto your TV. Using apps on your smartphone or PC’s you essentially hand off or direct content to Chromecast. Using the information it receives about what you desire to watch, the Chromecast finds the material on the web and streams directly from the source. One exception to this rule is that when Chromecast mirrors your Chrome browser on your PC, the Chromecast is determined entirely on your PC as the source for what it is showing.


What Device Work with it
Regards to its ‘all devices’ that Chromecast can run on Android tablets or smartphones, iPad and iPhones. However with Blackberry or Windows phones are out of area… for the most part. Recently, a new app known as Tube Cast was launched; this offers some limited YouTube functionality for Windows Smartphones over Chromecast.


Apps Functions with Chromecast
In the past few months we have observed rapid growth for Chromecast, thanks to Google’s open source philosophy. Google has currently hosted a Chromecast hackathon for more than 40 developers over 30 countries merging up to release of its software development kit (SDK) to programmers on a larger scale. While building streaming stick is not an easy task and has a long way to go if it desires to catch up to the Rokus and Apple TV’s in the world, Chromecast now presenter of a slew of capable apps that should keep users cheerful as they wait for more developers to unleash more Chromecast friendly apps. Some of the useful apps that make Chromecast worthy are – YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Plex Media Server, Vudu and Crackle, HBO GO, Google Play and Chrome.


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