5 Ways To Optimize Your Landing Page


5 Ways To Optimize Your Landing Page

There are several ways that people find apps, such as straightly go through the app store, orally to mouth or the web. When we are searching for apps, the natural visit to medium is the web, apart from the app store. There is no need to tell you that the number of people that are using the Internet today for research, shopping or entertainment are also aware about the power of building a significant landing page that brings you not only eyeballs, but great conversions.

These conversions can be direct in nature (downloads) or indirect (email subscribers). Other way, you can make a great engagement and ensure people not only download your app, but also spread the name of it. Your goal should be to get more and more people should visit to your landing page. But all this is dependent on one very crucial factor. Your landing page has to offer enormous value and not simply represent as an advertising page or banner for your smartphone app. Today, we will discuss some crucial ways that make sure in order to optimize your landing page for increased conversions.

If we have to choose out the most crucial element on a landing page, it would be the headline. When searching on the Internet, people are mainly looking at several websites at the same time. The headline on your landing page has to be so energizing that it makes people stop atleast once in their path and read further. Some of the best landing-page headlines bring the benefit that a business or an app offered to its clients. The most effective headlines should be short and precise (not more than 7 to 9 words), please communicate the message in simple English and at the same time, create enough interest to the audiences so that they read it further.

As you flash some interest in your visitors’ minds, they will proceed to the sub-text, which actually carries the message from your headline forward. The sub-text puts context to the headline and describes the real issue that your app is solving. The motto behind the sub-text is to seal the deal. The visitor should be excited enough to investigate your product or want to know more about it. Finally, your sub-text should lead your audience to a call that will directly lead to conversions.

Video or Picture
A picture is valued a thousand words and a moving picture is valued a million people! Visuals convey strong emotions far more conclusively and instantly as compare to words. Always decide to have either an image or a video because it depicts the value of your app. The easiest means to exhibit a picture is your app screen, but it isn’t very favourable. A picture should demonstrate the benefit or the result of utilizing your app. Moreover, if you are aiming on producing a video, concentrate on how your app can help your provincial customer, rather than making an explainer video talking about your app’s qualities. Videos are famous to give conversions a strong boost on a landing page.

Download Link
There is not much effort to implement this, but ensure that you have the link to download your apps included on your existing landing page. If you have your app on a number of platforms, like Android and iOS, make sure to include both links. The download links or buttons should be seen in the first occasion without the visitor having to scroll much down on your page.

Lead Capture
As we have mentioned earlier, your landing page has to offer value to your customer over and above discussing about your app. How do you do that? Here is an example: my own website/landing page is less about myself and more about how my audience can construct a successful app. If your app is in the efficiency space, for example, offer your provincial customers to some insights on how they can construct a more productive workspace or own life. You can run an email course or simply send out a normal newsletter to your audience. The more importance you give to your customers, the more attention and growth you will get through mouth to mouth marketing.

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