5 Attractive Link Building Tactics

5 Attractive Link Building Tactics


There are enormous ways to get links. But the key thing is that the right tactics for you for your industry that you are in. Industries that are more settled and competitive often require you to be quite aggressive in terms of link building and you might find it difficult to earn those links. Newer industries that are quickly growing are in full opportunities to engage with bloggers and opportunity to build a community. There are some of the links building tactics that can be applied to most of all types of sites. Not only link building is important for visibility in search but it is also available for small businesses.

Image Link Building
It’s simple to build useful links with the images you already have, especially if you have good images hosted on your website. Fewer chances are there might a number of sites using your images. All you need is to build some useful links to find these sites and ask for a citation link. To build useful links with your images, firstly you will need to compile a list of images related with your company or brand. Some examples are –

  • Logos
  • Employee headshots
  • Branded graphics
  • Product photos
  • Company locations

Local Link Building

Another important way to build relevant quick and easy links is through local link building policies. Some of the techniques are –

  • Local partnerships
  • Give testimonials
  • Local sponsorships
  • Engaging within your own community

One simple option for building meaningful and relevant links is through local partnerships. These partnerships may previously exist for your business and all you need is to simply ask for a link. Even if you don’t have any official partners, you can still build links by providing testimonials. These treated as a great links because they provide value to the website through a public endorsement. Another strategy that can lead to links is the local sponsorships.

Fresh Mentions
Exploring fresh mentions can also be useful for small and medium businesses. Building links by fresh mentions is somewhat similar to image link building. Instead of searching for images which is related to your brand make ensure that you are casting a wide net. Assemble a list of any and all terms associated with your company. Once you organized your list of brand items, you will need to use a tool to find mentions across the web. Google Alerts is a free and good option, but for more inclusive searching and monitoring you should use a paid tool like Fresh Web Mention or Explorer.

Link Reclamation
Another superb link building strategy that requires zero content creation is link reclamation. It is named reclamation because it involves reclaiming lost or missed link equity. One of the most known methods of link reclamation is retrieving link equity. This can be an important strategy if your site has had updates and migrations freshly. Once you got the URLs of all the pages on your website returning 404s, you can begin to look for sites that link to those pages. In order to find inbound links that pointing to pages 404, all you need is to use a back link tool. If you are facing any problem for finding links to your dead pages, you can widen your search and potentially find more opportunities by examining the backlinks of a competitor that has freshly gone out of business.

(RNDs) Relevant Niche Directories
Last but not the least is Relevant Niche Directories that can be a viable way to build worthwhile links. It is still possible to build meaningful links on RNDs. Some of the important examples of local resources that cause link opportunities are –

  • Chamber of commerce
  • Local business directory
  • Local business journal
  • Local review websites

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