10 Best Search Engines in the World

These are the top 10 best most famous search engines in the world. Besides Google and Bing there are several other search engines that may not be so popular but still serving millions of search enquires in a day. It may be surprising for many people but Google is not the only search engine accessible today on the Internet. The fact is that there is a several search engines that attempted to remove Google from its throne but none of them is willing to even pose a threat to it. Moreover, there are many search engines that are worthwhile which are listed below –

Google: Not required for further instigations. This giant search engine holds the first place in search with a remarkable difference of 45% from 2nd in place Bing. According to the recent comscore report 69.5% of searches were powered by Google itself and 25% by Bing. Google is also dominating the mobile/tablet search engine market share.


Bing: Bing is the Microsoft’s venture to challenge Google in the area of search engine field but despite their hard efforts they still did not able to convince their users that their search engine can produce superior results than Google.


Yahoo: From October 2011 Yahoo search is powered by Bing. Yahoo till today is the most familiar email provider and according to reports it bears 3rd place in search.


Ask.com: Earlier known as Ask Jeeves, Ask.com obtains approximately 3% of the search share. ASK is build on a pattern of question-answer type format where most questions are answered by other users. It also consists of general search features but the results returned lack caliber when compared to Google or Bing or Yahoo.


AOL.com: According to netmarketshare the famous AOL is still in the top 10 list of search engines with a market share near to 0.6%. The AOL has many popular web sites like engadget.com, techchrunch.com and huffingtonpost.com.


Blekko.com: It was developed by ex-Googlers and they represent themselves as the “spam free search engine”. Though it is preferably suitable for webmasters or SEO’s who need more data rather than normal users.


Wolframalpha: It is totally different from all other search engines. They called it as a Computational Knowledge Engine which provides you facts and data for a number of topics. It can do all kinds of calculations, like if you enter “mortgage 2000” as input it will figure out your loan amount, interest paid etc. depend on a number of assumptions.


DuckDuckGo: It has a several advantages over the other search engines. It consists of clean interface plus does not track users or not totally loaded with ads and has a numerous nice features (For example: only 1 page of results, you can search directly on other web sites and many more).


WayBackMachine: It is a popular internet archive search engine which you can use it to find out how a web site looked since 1996. It is very helpful tool in terms to detect the history of a particular domain and examine how it has improved over the years.


ChaCha.com: According to alexa, chacha.com is the most popular search engine with a ranking position of 297 in the US which is similar to ask. They also have several types of quizzes which can assist you to decide on a number of topics. For example if you looking for “What is the best search engine?” you will get an answer that Google is the best and most popular search engine preceding.


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